Monday, June 8, 2009

1st week Biggest Loser


After fully updating the results, im proud to announce our biggest loser for last week...


with percentage of weight loss - 1.88%


and also congrats to others with awesome weight loss. Keep it up ok! dont forget our next weigh in dis friday 12/6/09. I have post the result on the right side of the blog (with TBL logo). You may check your progress there.

To those yg belum sent results i tak count in eh, walaupun maybe u all dapat better results. the latest result i wud accept is by monday which is today :) with photos of ur weighing scale and your weight on sorry dear. I cant let other contestant wait for u.. hopefully dis coming weigh in u all can give me the result on time so dat atleast by monday i can post it in our blog..

our next weigh in day is on Friday 12/6/09, paling2 lewat i can accept your result by monday eh...but still u have to timbang on Friday. If u dont have time to email me, u can sms me as well.. :) then later baru email me the result n photos okay bebeh? :)

Who knows i might give away prizes for this week winner!! :) so be prepared...

p/s: The game is ON! :)


Anonymous said...

waa.. bestnyer.. ada TBL utk malaysian ek.. ala.. saya baru jerk tau hari ni.. kalau tak nak gak join.. dengan berat cecah 100++ nih.. rasa fed up lak bila semua tegur ...

tapi, takper.. saya dah add awak dlm blog saya... dan saya dah jadi follower blog nih..

The Biggest Loser Team said...

pearlsweets : takper nati leh join next season eh. hehe..kalau ada..insyaallah