Tuesday, October 13, 2009

TBL Contest is Over


Its Over!!! Well congratulations to all of u losers.. heheh We survived!! Most of u did great job and should be looking a little slimmer than u did few months ago.. Hopefully you`ll keep the ball rolling and get to your ideal weight( if ure not already there) before new year..ahaks..

Still keeping on track were 14 out of 26 contestants... but none of u achieved ur target weight, well still.. Great job u guys...

And now the moment we`ve all been waiting for..WHO IS OUR BIGGEST LOSER?

Congratulations to our Biggest Loser ( drum roll please..hhee),

ZULAIKHA with % of weight Loss 17.92%

From the starting weight of 106kg to 87kg in 4 months!!
a total of 19kgs loss!!

You did it! 1st place dear!.. we are all in awe of your will power and resolve! you really have changed your life during the contest! well done dear..

2nd place Winner :

Poco2 with % of weight loss 14.84%
From starting weight of 91kg to 77.5kg in 4 months!!
a total of 13.5 kgs loss!!

3rd place winner :

Nomi with % weight loss 13.18%
From starting weight of 66kg to 57.3kg in 4 months!!
a total of 8.7kgs loss!!

And congrats to other contestant also..

The Prizes :

1st place Winner -
Full 4 steps Spa Package at Serenity Spa, A makeover, Batik Kebaya

SERINITY SPA - 6 Hours Package which includes :

1. Intensive Brightening Facial

2. 4 Steps Spa Full Body Treatment :
- Herbal Steam
- Full Body Massage
- Full Body Scrub
- Milk Bath

3. Pedicure & Manicure

COST : RM 400 ( Normal price for this package is RM700)
Valid at any branch of Serinity Spa


KEBAYA/KURUNG BATIK/Lace - Baju kebaya/kurung batik/Lace

MAKE -OVER : By Makeup Artist

MAKE OVER : BY Make Up Artist (Amy Meera - Sentuhan Derina Team)

2nd place winner -
A 3 days 2 Night Stay at Bukit Merah Laketown Resort

Holiday Vacation 3 Days 2 Night (Studio Apartment )

3rd Place winner -

Perfect Body FIR 5 in 1 (incl. Korset Lengan)

and now the bad news...

According to the rules, contestant owe a rm5 fine for each week they gained weight. I have made a color coded in the spreadsheet below which shows in yellow the total fine you owe in fines...
Heres the deal, if you owe fines, i need them at least by end of this month. Please email me so that i can give you my account number.

At that point i will take all the fines, calculate the money to be paid out to our 4th and 5th place winner ( 60%, 40% of the money, respectively)

congrats to:

4th winner - Kak Yangz - 6.80% of weight loss

5th winner - Sobby - 6.67% of weight loss

InsyaALLAH on 1st November, whatever the collection is what i am dividing up and giving out to all the winners. And just so everyones understands correctly, i am only asking for the FINES not the Registration fee.. however, if you want to pay the fee also can.. May god bless you :)

So thats it!!

Thanks for everyone`s participation! I am thinking of running this contest again next month. Anybody interested? hehe email me okay...

very Humbly,


Zulaikha said...

ape2pun, hutang tetap kene langsaikan..
15 hengget dendaa tuuu..fiuhh!!

gebu's fairy tales said...

tahniah pada adik Ika!!
Thanks kak kaseh..tqvm!!

dewicintadunia said...

tahniah kepada pemenang...dan tq kepada penganjur..

Sobby said...

terima kasih, kak kaseh. Congratz Ikaaaaaa! :)) wuu, tmpt ke5 pun alhamdulillah..

saya dah email akak dah tau. nk byr RM25 skali dgn RM5 fine ngan registration fee RM20. Hutang tetap hutang.

Sobby said...

terima kasih, kak kaseh. Congratz Ikaaaaaa! :)) wuu, tmpt ke5 pun alhamdulillah..

saya dah email akak dah tau. nk byr RM25 skali dgn RM5 fine ngan registration fee RM20. Hutang tetap hutang.

Cik_Nomi said...

yeaaaa dapat corset.. baru bercadang2 nak beli.. dah dapat percume.. thnks k kaseh!!..

anyway..thnks banyak2 sebab anjurkan contest ni.. best gile.. and sangat2 membantu saya tuk berdiet.. skng sy masih diet n hope capai taget seterusnye..

good luck pada sumer2 untuk teruskan diet uall!

RiNiE said...

Dah dapat result.....wah Ika......1st place....Congratulations....Ya..utang tetap utang..hehehhe....thanks to akak kaseh...n congrats gak kat kengkawan len yg menang....rini ni ala2 nak tersungkur gak..huhu...tapi takpala....aim habiskan...next month ada g ek akak...huhu....cam nak continue ja....tak turun berat pun sangat...disiplin kurang...camna ek nak naikkan disiplin....wat TBL couple ka kak???hehhe..anyway thanks a lot to akak KASEh for her efforts....sangat sempoi n besh...

Selly Buke said...

tahniah semua... tahniah gak pada kak kaseh coz anjurkan program cenggini... saya pun ada utang ngan akak... buku comey tu... bila buat gathering nanti nak la join jugak... leh ker? huhu

kAkYaNg said...

erk. Saye ke? x caye laks. hehehe. Congrats to all yang berjaya turun kgs dengan TBL nih. Secara total... berapa kgs suma yang hilang erk...?

seroja jingga said...

hai kaseh
aku baru 4 bulan cerai..panjang cerita
nak share kat ym pon..tnet cam haram
kalo ko free add aku inilzaron@yahoo.com
kita borak panjang..tak ramai manusia senasib kita

yang mana satu link ko yang active nih

~adrenalina~ said...

nak join..nak join sangat2..camno?


arbaieyah said...

mama...bila nak buat lagi TBL ni...lepas 99HTN ek..seronok lah join lumba2 diet ni...ada motivated sikit diri ini