Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Gud news for u guys! Kepada sesiapa yg interested nak join The Biggest Loser Asia, drg akan buat audition. Here is the details :

Date: Saturday 1st August.
Time: 10am – 4pm
Venue: Fitness First The Curve

Call-back for successful applicants
Date: Sunday 2nd August.
Time: 10am – 1pm
Venue: Fitness First The Curve

For more info log on to

Guys! What are u waiting for? Cepat register sekarang!!

- ok ni entry copy paste dari blog mel... thanx mel for the info...

so.. to all TBL contestant... jom kita terjah THE CURVE.. join TBL ASIA!!!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

TBL Calorie Challenge Prizes


As promised.. dis week im going to announce the prizes for Calorie Challenge.... Selepas dok pk2 mana yg besh n worth dieting..and dok pk which one u all might love..(actually myself yg suka sgt CROCS ni heheh ) so..ive decided to give CROCS for our TBL Calorie Challenge winner.. at first ingat nak bg parfum.. tapi takper..simpan utk next challenge.. so hopefully u all happy ngan gift ni eh..


C for CROCS :)

The winner may choose mana2 Crocs design above.. actually there are more designs, malas nak upload.. and if taknak win the prize utk diri sendiri ..bulehla pilih utk org lain.. manalah tahu nak bg Boyfriend ke.. Hubby ke.. anak2 ker.. its all up to u.. oh ya crocs ni sgt selesa eh.. rasanya semua dah tahu.. so bolehla melaram raya nati..

so.. dietlah eh.. may the biggest loser wins... :)

p/s : totally admire the Cyprus Crocs.. :)

7th week Biggest Loser


Our Biggest Loser for last week is..


with % of weight Loss - 2.65%

Congratulation Cik Jah..

Keep it up.. :)

Sorry takde hadiah.. hadiah ada utk Calorie Challenge nati.. so dont stop dieting okay... :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

TBL Booklet


Utk member2 yg interested nak beli TBL booklet 21 days Calorie challenge aritu..saya da post eh tadi... hehe finallly.. morning break tadi kluar kejap beli paper semua pastu ngular kejap office hour tadi print comel2 ur booklet pastu lunch tadi binding n post.. alhamdulillah..settle dah..kalau tak, susah hati den dari harituh tak post2...

to those yg masih berminat nak booklet sempoi tu blehla email saya eh.. at , charges tak mahal pun.. RM8 je.. anyway booklet tu pun simple je sebenarnya ..just a challenge for TBL contestant.. hopefully semua loss weight manyak2.. :)

all the best to all.. including me lor... :)

6Th week Biggest Loser


Happy Monday to all..

Just to announce our Biggest Loser for Week 6..


with % of weight loss - 4.01 %

congratulations to reginarhea ...

Regina recently has been admitted for fever. Please get well soon dear..(Doa from all of us)

As u all know we have started our TBL Calorie Challenge last friday 10th July 2009. To those who havent received their booklet, please make sure to take note what u have eaten and what exercise u guys did last weekend wokay... :)
Dont stress urself bout dis is for fun only... yet useful also for our diet :)

p/s: i will send the 2nd batch booklet soonest after lunch today eh.. baru nak print.. :P,so sorry pada yg da request since last week..saya lupa nak bawak balik my copies so takleh nak photostate..pastu thumbdrive pun tertinggal kat opis.. takleh nak i will print n post wokay... buat laju2 ni :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009



Our TBL challenge for this time is CALORIE CHALLENGE.

1 - We will provide you a 21 day diet booklet for FREE to each participant which has been delivered by pos Malaysia. (So sorry I am only able to sent the booklet by regular post) It will reach your house by the end of this week or next week.

2 - Inside the booklet contains formula on how to calculate your own BMR & DCR ( an example have been given to you ). Please calculate your own BMR & DCR for this challenge.

3 - The Challenge is to lose 3kg in a week. Please refer the booklet on how to lose 3kg of weight in a week with the help of consuming and burning the right amount of calories. The more calories you burn than your daily calories needs, the more success it will be.

4 - This challenge will start on 10th July 2009 until 31st July 2009.

5 - You will need to write down and calculate your everyday daily meals calories (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and also what type of activity you're doing to burn it. All info for reference is in the booklet and u may also search for your own info if needed.

6 - You can write and calculate your daily calorie need and activities before you sleep. This will make sure you don't forget or don't have enough time/forget/lazy.

7 - Yes, I know it's kinda hard. But, this is the reason we make this as a challenge. THERE's NO VICTORY WITHOUT SACRIFICE.

8 - Please be proud of yourself. Try not to cheat!! (yeah, you know what I mean :p )

9 - If you follow the instruction from the booklet you will be able to lose 3 kilos of weight per-week. InsyaALLAH, amin. At least we have tried it, right?

10 - The prize will be informed later. I have few items in mind but still haven't figured it out which one to give for this challenge, sorry guys. Maybe next week ok and it is worth winning. Trust me. :)

As usual the person with highest % of weight loss wins the challenge. Starting weight on this Friday, 10th July 2009 and ends on the 31st July 2009.

11 -Good luck to all participants and be proud of yourself. YAKIN BOLEH!! PASTI BOLEH!!

Since we are not sure when are you going to receive the booklet, and the challenge will start on Friday, so my suggestion is if you do not receive it by Friday then, you may need to write down your daily meals taken and daily exercise also and transfer the data once you received the booklet.

I have also provided a calorie calculator in this blog. U might want to have a look at it. It will help you a lot in this challenge.

Please refer calorie burn calculator and Malaysian Food online calculator given in this blog for your additional references.

Actually, I want to make the booklet smaller so it will fit in your handbag, easier to bring along to work or classes especially for working ladies or students like most of you(Including me :)), but I have changed my mind because to do that, I need to change the font and it is hardly can be read. So this is all I can give. A sempoi TBL challenge booklet,:) Hope to see huge weight loss in this challenge.

For your eyes only, The TBL challenge book specially brought to u by TBL malaysian blogger team, hehe i know you guys are curious about the book so i`ll show u part of it okay..tadaa...

p/s: To my CH, thanx for the help.. appreciate it much dear, luv u.and also credit to Kevin Zahari`s website and other diet website ( too many names to mention) for great diet info. Appreciate it much.

Final Delivery


okay, today is my busy day.. hehe actually since semlm.. ive been busy making copies for the TBL book challenge n today busy on the road pulak.. haiya long story woo..

ok firstly my intention is to post ur book by courier or post laju..i really want it to reach u guys by friday.. so by hook or by crook i hv to mail it by today la kan..

but the bookstore lambat pulak binding the book.. nak binding 25 buku nipis2 pun lembab, padahal dah sent for binding since semlm lagi.. finally tghari tadi siapla 25 pieces TBL book challenge ni..

colorful lagi.. haha ada merah, pink, brown, yellow n green kot.. tapi yg green tu takde chop TBL kat front page sebab takleh print.. but still the content are all the same..dun worry..and mind the workmanship.. i did it all by myself woo..except for the binding part la.. so kalau ada senget2 ke maafkan la hamba...did it in a hurry la babe..

anyway ni nak citer ni.. at first i want to courier ur book tau sampai dah siap print address sorang2 comel2 siap lekat kat envelope lagi. Mula2 ingat nak guna office nyer courier service jer tapi dorang bleh collect esok and price for each mail rm6.60, haiyaa mahal gak eh.. budget like RM4 each je...

then i went to the Post Office, ingat nak beli pos Express je cost bout RM4 sekeping kan.. lepas amek nombor tunggu dekat sejam last2 clerk tu bgtau dah habis.. sakitnya hati.. balik office balik cadang nak amek je courier svs yg collect esok tu.. tapi jumpa kak Nora ( penyelamat dunia ni)..

dia kata, ``yg kau susah2 nak pos laju lah courier lah ni apsal... kau pi beli sampul surat ngam2 buku tu pastu tampal setem.. kan senang..sampai sama gak 3 hari je, kalau kau nak kuar g beli setem akak nak ikut.. akak boring kat ofis ni ha`` haha..tu kak nora cakap..

maka ngan gigihnya we all kuar la balik...padahal da kul 2 lebih dah tu..lunch hour da abeh.. ngular kejap tadi.. g bookstore beli sampul surat n setem.. n we all lepak kedai mamak...masing2 dok keluarkan balik buku yg earlier tadi dah lawa2 cun2 dalam envelope tukar ke envelope baru...( ni takde keja cari keja nama dia).. ada yg bertampal envelopenya dan ada juga by hand writing je..( ni dah malas la ni ) so hasilnya adalah spt berikut :

yg envelope putih tu dari awal2 dah print address, tinggal nak masukkan dalam pos express nyer envelope je ( konon2 la) ... sudahnya tukar kepada brown envelope tu with RM0.60sen stamp jer.. so kira i pos biasa je la ye kawan2.. i dont know when u all shall receive the mail.. tunggu je laaa :( so sorry for the inconveniences...

so thats the story.. hope u all will get the book soon.. tapi pos malaysia dah efficient skang kan.. tak mungkin sampai 2 minggu kan..? paling2 4 hari je kan.. aduhai...ampun..

ok camni.. i will tell u all bout the challenge insyallah tonite so u can prepare earlier.. and know what to do ..nati once dah dpt buku tu senang nak proceed with the challenge kan..kan ..kan..

all the best wokay..

Tuesday, July 7, 2009



To all contestants.. I need the postcode for all of your addresses. Some of you didnt give me your full address so itll be difficult for me to send the TBL challenge book.
If you get this message please reply at my email your full adress with the postcode asap. The latest by tomorrow morning ok. You may sms me and please include your name also ok... :)
I will post your book tomorrow and u may receive it at least by Friday or probably next week. InsyaALLAH.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

5th Week Biggest Loser

Click2 for larger view


Our Biggest loser for dis week is..


with % of weight loss - 2.64%

congrats rinie :), keep it up ok gal...

okay.. our next challenge will start on the next weigh in which is on 1oth July 2009. For the time being u may relax n enjoy ur diet as it is coz u might strive hard for our next challenge. It is an interesting challenge and healthy too.. really good for our diet and u might lose more than u expected.. hopefully...

I shall give u the instruction on our next challenge once everybody has received their `TBL challenge book`which is on the way ( sorry i havent finished making copies for all of u hahaha..hopefully by tuesday i shall courier it to everybody).. be patient okay gals.. :)

What is the prize for the next challenge? Havent decided yet what to give but for sure something special and worth winning.. :).will announce bout it soon..

Keep on dieting ok gals..

p/s : To those who havent give me ur result, u may do so by sending it thru sms first but still u need to email it later ok dear...

Friday, July 3, 2009

Weigh in day - 3 July 2009


hai all.. sorry for not updating the blog..being busy lor.. biasalah awal bulan.. anyway just to remind u all today is our weigh in day.. so as usual..give me ur result as at today.. latest by midnite eh..
Hope to see good result from u all.. :)

Our next TBL challenge will start next week (10th july 2009) so be prepared.. :) . It is going to be a very interesting challenge and quite fun too.. but in order for me to proceed with the challenge.... i need a favor from u... please confirm ur mailing address to me asap. I just want to make sure that it is the same as the one u gave me for TBL registration coz for the next challenge i need to give u all this.....

So please confirm ur mailing address wokay dear... :)

ive got to go... so many work to do... argghh.. i wish i can just stay at home n relax.. haha :P

p/s: Luv u all