Monday, July 13, 2009

6Th week Biggest Loser


Happy Monday to all..

Just to announce our Biggest Loser for Week 6..


with % of weight loss - 4.01 %

congratulations to reginarhea ...

Regina recently has been admitted for fever. Please get well soon dear..(Doa from all of us)

As u all know we have started our TBL Calorie Challenge last friday 10th July 2009. To those who havent received their booklet, please make sure to take note what u have eaten and what exercise u guys did last weekend wokay... :)
Dont stress urself bout dis is for fun only... yet useful also for our diet :)

p/s: i will send the 2nd batch booklet soonest after lunch today eh.. baru nak print.. :P,so sorry pada yg da request since last week..saya lupa nak bawak balik my copies so takleh nak photostate..pastu thumbdrive pun tertinggal kat opis.. takleh nak i will print n post wokay... buat laju2 ni :)


Mama Safiyyah said...

kak, saya tak guna blh? saya nak join challenge dah tak sempat.....saya baru je start herbalife 13 julai hari ke3 hehehehe